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Cookie Policies

This page allows you to understand what a cookie is, how we use it, and what it means to make decisions about these cookies.

What is a cookie?

The terms “cookie ” is a generic term that designates both a text file deposited in a dedicated space on the hard disk of your terminal (computer, tablet, mobile phone or any other device optimized for the Internet), when you view the Content or an online ad, which similar technologies allow you to read or write information about a user’s terminal and follow in combination with the use of cookies your activity on the Internet or in an application.

Some cookies are indispensable for the use of the site or the application, others allow to optimize and to personalize the displayed content.

What are cookies used for?

Four types of cookies, which comply with the purposes described below, can be registered in your terminal when you access our services during a visit to our site or through our application:

Technical cookies

These cookies make it possible for you to navigate the site and our application, to ensure the security of the site and the application and to allow you to access the various products and services of the site and the application.

Audience measurement Cookies

These cookies are issued by our technical team or by our technical service providers and governed partners in order to measure the audience of the various contents and headings of our site and our application, in order to evaluate them and Organize them better.
We also use tools to measure the effectiveness of our email campaigns, allowing us to initiate relevant business actions based on the information collected (for example, sending a new message or offering Custom).

Advertising Cookies

Advertising cookies are used to adapt the advertising materials of the site/application, or of third-party sites and applications to their interests and to measure their effectiveness.

The exploitation of the advertising spaces in our site/application contributes to the financing of the contents and services that we offer for free. The use of advertising cookies allows you to view the ad or show sponsored links that we think (or that looks like our partner agencies) more suited to your user profile according to your interests or even your terminal, your browsing and your location Geographic (subject to your prior consent). It also allows you to adapt ads that are present on other sites to your user profile.

The relevance of the advertising content shown on our site or in third-party sites can also be achieved, thanks to third-party technologies and, in particular, of our regulated partners, by the terminals ‘ Navigation Information Association. To use to access our site/application or other sites/applications with the data provided to us when registering or accessing any of our services.

The denial of these advertising cookies does not influence the use of our site.
However, refusing to do so will not result in the cessation of advertising on our site or on the Internet. This will only have the effect of displaying an advertisement that will not take into account your interests.

Share cookies (social networks)

Our site/application contains cookies that share links to Facebook, Twitter and other similar social networks, which allow you to share content of our site/application with other people or to make know these other people your query or your Opinion about the content of the site/application or to access all Lsurfer services using your identification data on these social networks.

Reject a cookie

By using our site/application, you consent to the use of the aforementioned cookies. However, you may opt to disable all or part of these cookies at any time.

You have different ways to manage your cookie options:

1. Through the navigation/terminal software
2. Through specific deactivation links
3. Through a cookie management platform (exchange and advertising cookies)
4. Refusing to use advertising cookies on your mobile device
3-1 through the navigation/terminal software
Your browser can be configured to notify you of cookies that are deposited on your device and ask you to accept them or not, on a case-by-case basis or to systematically reject them once and for all.

Through specific deactivation links

If you do not want our site to store cookies in your browser for audience measurement, ad segmentation, or to interact with social networks, you can click the following deactivation links.

Attention, taking into account your different wishes regarding the use of cookies on the site relies on a cookie or several specific cookies. If you delete all cookies registered within your device, we will no longer know what consent or refusal you have issued. This will therefore revert to resetting your consent and you must therefore again refuse the cookie or cookies that you do not want to keep. Likewise, if you use another Internet browser, you will have to reject these cookies again because your choices, such as the cookies to which they relate, depend on the browser and the Terminal (computer, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.) that you use to visit the site.